Services I provide are…

EFT Webinars

Each webinar will focus on a single topic and will be either 5 or 7 sessions long depending on the complexity of the subject.  There will be a free webinar to introduce the topic so you can decide if it will be helpful to you. Then everyone who registers will be given the webinar information and additional downloads pertaining to that topic.  Also each participant in the webinars will be asked to send in their specific internal thoughts, beliefs, and emotions associated with the topic so the webinar will be tailored for each specific group.  Now that is personal service!!

EFT Teleseminars

These will function the same way to provide the most personal service possible to the entire group.

Webinars and Teleseminars are the most cost effective method of service.  They also create a rich growth experience due to the sharing of all the participants.

Individual coaching sessions

I also provide individual coaching session via Skype or Face Time.  Due to time constraints at this time, the number of individual sessions I can provide each week is limited.    If you are interested (hit this button which will take them to the price and payment page)


What you can expect with each service

When you choose to participate in either an EFT webinar or a EFT teleseminar series, you will be a part of a special group of like- minded people.  The webinars will begin and end on time. Each session will last no longer than 90 minutes. The Tapping will focus on the identified topic/issue for which you have signed up. Each webinar or teleseminar series will focus on the identified needs of that group. You will experience significant reduction of symptoms  or  a complete clearing of the identified component of the topic/issue by the end of each session. There may be homework to complete between sessions.  You will have access to the webinar for one week until the next scheduled session in that series.

When you choose individual coaching sessions you will receive high quality professional coaching.  Each session will be for one hour and will begin and end on time.  Each session will focus on the issue or goal that you choose and you will experience some resolution/clearing with each session.  Some issues will take longer than others to reach full resolution due to their complexity. With each session you will move closer to your identified goals and reveal the magnificent person you are meant to be.

After suffering for more than a year with the ever present haunting vision of finding a close family member deceased-I had the good fortune of being introduced to Shannon Buck and EFT/Tapping. I would have never thought it possible but, I was freed from this torment during my very first session with Shannon.

She kindly and skillfully led me through an EFT exercise that painlessly and quickly removed the vision and allowed my mind to be at peace…I am forever grateful for Shannon and EFT/Tapping.

As a relative newcomer to Tapping I must admit that I continue to be  amazed at the immediate benefits that I am experiencing. To have a tool that I can turn to and use at any time and any place to effectively reduce feelings of anxiety, fear, stress, anger guilt, etc is truly a gift.

Through the EFT and Tapping techniques that I am learning I am finding tools that are changing negative, self-defeating emotions into powerful positive affirmations that will help me to become the woman that I hope to become.

So Grateful,